National Family Civility Day

What is Family Civility? Family Civility is a community that creates a supportive and civil environment that is not only accessible to all types of family structures but ensures they are empowered to thrive no matter their age, sexuality, disability or biological connection.

National Family Civility Day is managed and established through the The Family Civility Institute (FCI). FCI is an educational institute that trains Family Civility Workers and establishes Family Civility Commissions in communities around the world. All workers are trained in the strength-based approach to empower families to achieve sustainable development goals in their homes and communities. The Family Civility Commissions are aimed at advocating for structural change to create a universal design of family and organize the Family Civility Day celebrations every year on November 15th.

Family Civility Workers training program aligns with all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but especially SDGs #1-8, 10, 11, 12, & 16. The program will last for one year and each trainee will receive one year on the job training by Dr. Rebecca Finlason-Harper who is a registered Social Service Worker, Communications Specialist and a Doctorate in Philosophy in Humanities for all her work with Family Empowerment and Nation Development. Each Family Civility Worker can serve forty (40) Households at a time and by training thirty students, you will be helping 1,100 homes.